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Trends in Online Community Engagement

by kevin in Events, Marketing, Social Media

I read an excellent report titled, “Online Community Marketing, Growth and Engagement,” coordinated and produced by Forum One Networks.  The report presented the findings from a study conducted in May 2008 to research the relationship marketing, community growth and member engagement. According to blog, some of the top trends …

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Controlling chaos: Three recommendations for managing your brand in the social media

by troy in Blog, Events, Social Media

Sometimes we forget how much media has changed. Before the days of the Internet and social media, brands used to be able to spoon feed their message. They only needed to concern themselves with a couple of media channels — three network TV stations, a handful of national newspapers, and maybe a few trade magazines. The message was easy to control. It was neat, clean, and sanitized. Well, my friends, those days are gone.

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