8 Tips to Creating a Good Print Ad

by Jonathan Tharp in iNET Connect

EAZEE — Ever feel like this picture when trying to create a good print ad? Here are eight tips for your next campaign to be a success. View the full article.

RTB. Cookie Pools. Click Attribution. Oh My!

by Jonathan Tharp in iNET Connect

This month’s iNET Connect Newsletter is all about Ad Tech. If you are new to Ad Tech, we open the newsletter with a couple of classic articles that explain what it is and how it works. Once you understand it, you realize Ad Tech is all about the data, so …

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Cookie Synching Explained

by Jonathan Tharp in iNET Connect

AD OPS INSIDER — How does your ad get to the right person as they travel across the web? Here’s a classic article that explains the process of cookie synching at a nuts-and-bolts level. View the full article.

The Mechanics of Real Time Bidding

by Jonathan Tharp in iNET Connect

MARKETING LAND — Cookie Synching (and finger printing) allow you to identify the right audience. So how is the ad actually served? Here’s a great article from Marketing Land on the mechanics of real time bidding (RTB). View the full article.