Antitrust Policy & Guidelines

Antitrust Policy: iNET Interactive, LLC (“iNET”) is a special interest media company. The company serves its special interest communities with online properties, events, and publications. These services may, at times, provide opportunities for competitors in certain industries to interact. iNET believes and expects that the individuals and companies participating in iNET events, online forums, and activities act in an ethical manner, in compliance with all applicable laws, including the federal and state antitrust laws. iNET recognizes and endorses the policies underlying the United States’ antitrust laws and the promotion of fair competition. This antitrust policy sets forth the guidelines under which iNET operates, and expects community members to operate when engaged in iNET events, online forums, or activities.

Antitrust Guidelines:
iNET events, online forums and activities should not be used for:

  • discussions of pricing, promotional policies, discounts, credit terms, or other terms of sale;
  • discussions of individual companies’ future sales or marketing plans;
  • discussions that could be seen as suggesting or attempting to allocate territories or customers, or attempts to prevent a business entity from entering into a territory or market, or otherwise suppress any aspects of fair competition;
  • discussions about whether, or how, to deal with particular customers or suppliers, including discussions that could be seen as attempts to jointly agree not to deal with, or to boycott, a customer or supplier;
  • discussions that could be seen as suggesting or attempting to limit production, capacity, or inventory; or
  • attempts to advise or influence competitors on business decisions.

All iNET events (such as conferences) shall be conducted in accordance with an agenda set forth for the event.

iNET community members should observe the above guidelines in both formal and informal settings, including informal networking events held in conjunction with other iNET events or activities.

Further Advice: The federal and state antitrust laws are complex, and this policy and the guidelines set forth in it are not exhaustive, nor are they intended to be a substitute for appropriate legal counsel. If you have questions about this policy or guidelines or about a particular activity or situation at iNET, you should contact your legal counsel and/or ask the appropriate iNET manager to contact iNET’s legal counsel.